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Community Development

BEP recognized from the beginning that it has intention to all of the stakeholders in the Company and this includes the local communities, employees and Government. The Company believes that the fundamentals of a sound Community Development Programme is to create an environment in which the Company, Government, local communities and people work and live in harmony helping each other and to devote their combined attention to contributing to the welfare of the local communities.

BEP’s Fundamental Principles.

Community Development is something the Company wants to do and not something it is forced to do.

Community Development can only be effective if done with the involvement, support and cooperation of the local community and Government.

Be transparent in all aspects of community assistance and involvement.We aim to have better welfare of the local community by  having our existence.


The Basic activities of the Community Development Programme are as follows:

  •   Health & Nutrition.
  •   Education.
  •   Basic Services & Infrastructure and Public Economic Development.
  •   Preservation of the Culture.

The Company believes that sound education can result in a healthy society, so that the community can be self reliant and so develop and enhance their economic situation, and similarly develop their own culture.