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All the coal concessions held by BEP are located in East Kalimantan; TEC, PMB, BMC, KBK, TPP, BKS and BPS in East Kutai Regency.  All the concession areas are close to each other (adjacent) and located in East Kutai Regency, in Muara Wahau District.


With area more than 150,000 km2, Muara Wahau District is populated by more than 16,000 people, with 5,000 families spread accross 10 villages. There are 5 kindergartens, 12 elementary schools, 2 junior high schools and 2 high schools. In health department, 2 Puskesmas, 2 Pustu and 3 Pusling serve Muara Wahau's population.

Muara Wahau District can be reached from Jakarta via Balikpapan on to Sengata or Tanjung Redeb by commercial airline. From there:

  • Sengata – Muara Wahau, by road ± 170 km in distance (provisional road) ± 5 hours travel time or
  • Tanjung Redeb – Muara Wahau, by road ±170 km in distance (provisional road) ± 4.5 hours travel time.

(Source: Statistics data from BPPD and BPS dated 2007)